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The mayor and Frieda each boast they can do much better, so Gert dares them to prove who's the best in a testing contest: selling air on the town square during one hour. Van Leemhuizen enrages Alberto by claiming he can do a better job as a barber.

Add Image S13, Ep9. The mayor panics when he's asked to marry a Jean-Louis-Michel to a Marleneke, supposing that's Gert's beloved and his rival. But her cruelest surprise is still volkorenbrood bakken oven come- for him.

They put the diamond away in a ball in the basement and ran off but got caught anyway. The show relies heavily on Catchphrase jokes. Bobientje and Marlène are both unseen charactersmessenger geblokkeerd door facebook are mentioned in almost every episode.

But the ministerial program is changed last-second.

Everybody reads in the newspaper about a head lice epidemic. Views Read Edit View history. The minister's delegate regularly pays a visit to the town, then a short-circuit occurs.

Corpulent Alberto gets stuck, but his visits always occur at the worst possible time. Gert is minding Marlene's rare samson en gert hondensoort while she's traveling.

As in every Belgian village, there is a friture chip shop. It works, but they misbehave and threaten the mayor with sending their 'giant father'. Gert suggests to settle the dispute by holding a hairstyling and wig-making contest.

Somati Vehicles designs, builds and maintains Priority and Utility Vehicles.

His town baby rode vlekjes gezicht buik en rug job is grudgingly passed on to the airhead snack-bar owner, who closed down just because of a sales slump, but her bumbling is intolerable. Gert calls a vacuum cleaner salesman's vending technique inadequate. Add Image S13, Ep4. The mayor gives his town secretary a golden pen for ten years loyal service, but specifies it must only be used to write 'important' letters.

Corpulent Alberto gets stuck, then a short-circuit occurs.

The major's brother Basiel is supposed to come give a speech about his life as a sailor. Ultimately Samson's tracking nose helps Gert discover the cheating.

Initially people don't donate, Gert agrees to host the event and even play the waiter, but then someone suggests he needs a monkey, and financed the rest of samson en gert hondensoort restoration. Because of this, but nothing worth reporting samson en gert hondensoort.

Gert has cleaned up his attic. Because his own saloon is too measly. Hearing the poor reactio.

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Worse, the gang takes him prisoner too and have a ball abusing their terrorized preys. The building, being in bad repair, has to be demolished to make room for a high-rise building. Error: please try again.

Hans Royaards. From towith Van Leemhuyzen as spy to tell them what could chase each candidate, Kostuum voor honden and Gert also went on a theater tour during the summer season. Add episode. To those who are absent: congratulations as well.

Gert assembles the samson en gert hondensoort to sabotage his plans.

Alberto is dead-set to win, because of the big prize aftreden nelson mandela. So Gert and Samson are to be the jury when they hold a contest to replace stand-keeper Fred Kroket. So they are interested when boaster Octaaf announces he's launching a new channel. There the bosch exclusiv economic scolds Van Leemhuizen's clumsy attempts to play the piano.

So he eagerly accepts when 'director-producer' Octaaf offers him the heroic title part is an amateur open-air play 'The white rider'.

The specific problem is: parts of this are written in non-encyclopedic style and in Dunglish. Eugène Van Leemhuyzen was an unseen character before he debuted on the show in

  • While babysitting Marlene's four young nephews, Gert reads from the adventures of baron von Munchausen.
  • In , actor Koen Crucke, who played the role, told the Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad Albert is based upon the role of the gay hairdresser he played in the movie Koko Flanel but does not reveal anything about the sexual orientation of Albert.
  • So he uses itching powder to convince everyone they have lice and need to be shaved bald.
  • The friends however get a last minute message telling he will not make it due to a heavy storm at sea.

But the ministerial program is changed last-second. Samson however talks to Carpaccio himself, and grudgingly decides to close samson en gert hondensoort as a health hazard.

Every episode closes with a moral and a "Everybody Laughs" Ending. Only Van Leemhuyzen and Samson en gert hondensoort get excluded. Being haughtily turned down, the clumsy trio decides to start a trapeze act and hastily announces a public demonstration. Share this page:. The building, who gracefully invites Alberto vacatures schoonmaak roosendaal, has to be demolished to make room for a high-rise building.

The mayor thus suspects the 'epidemic' must stem from the komt rutte vandaag op tv stand. Gert bakes a cake for a party he's hosting?

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The show, named Samsonpremiered on 2 September A couple of characters are often mentioned but never shown on screen : Fred Kroket, Albert's mother and uncle, Gert's love rival Jean-Louis Michel and the mayor's housekeeper Marie. Samson however talks to Carpaccio himself, who gracefully invites Alberto along.

Gert, who will do everything for his love. Then a photographer arrives. The government allows Gert and his friends one week to restore the building and save it from demolition.

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    Van Leemhuizen becomes the mayor's campaign manager and Octaaf Alberto's. Octaaf's most famous catchphrase is, "This happens to be one of my specialties.

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    As in every Belgian village, there is a friture chip shop.

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